What Makes A Safe Online Casino?

Canadians love iGaming, but many are also rightly concerned about safety. After all, with so many gambling sites to choose from, how can it be guaranteed which are actually safe and secure?


It turns out that there are a few tell-tale characteristics of a safe online casino that can be quickly and easily checked. On this page you’ll find not only helpful tips that separate legal casinos from those that are questionable, but also a list of certified safe online casinos.


The first and most obvious factor to take into account is licensing. Simply put, if a site does not hold a license from a valid regulatory body, it is an online casino to avoid. In fact, without a license any venue that is offering gambling services is not even legal. Hence, it goes without saying that safe online casinos will generally display their official certification upfront. Proof of certification can normally be found at the bottom of the homepage, in the footer. Should a license declaration of this type be missing, there is immediate reason to be suspicious.

But what does it mean to be licensed? A gambling site and land-based casinos must apply for a license in order to be allowed to offer real money gambling services. This means that the operator must abide by a set of strict rules and regulations, all of which are designed to keep players safe. If any operator does not meet these standards, they will not be granted a license.

Game Fairness

A safe online casino will also be upfront about the fairness of its games. Online casino games use a random number generator (RNG) system, which is designed to be 100% fair. From spinning reels to playing cards, to Roulette wheels and more, it is all possible thanks to RNG. There is literally no way that an RNG generator can be altered, interrupted, or biased. This system ensure that fairness is guaranteed.

Additionally, a safe online casino will prominently display the return to player (RTP) ratio of its games. The RTP indicates the percentage that a real money activity will give back to the player over time. Hence, an RTP of 96% indicates that 96% of all wagers made will be paid back over time. Slots have a stated RTP, which is regularly audited by independent authorities. Once again, in order to get an operating license a gambling venue will have to offer certified, RTP verified games.

Technical Security

Safe online casinos make use of Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology. SSL means that there is an encrypted channel between the player and gambling site, ensuring that all information exchanged is not accessible to any outside parties. The information encrypted includes not only RNG data, but also any monetary transactions made.

Checking the bottom of a casino homepage will also often verify that SSL is used. SSL certification is generally displayed near license information.


There are many award winning, highly acclaimed iGaming software providers. Naturally, safe online casinos will only use software from these trusted sources. Again, the software developers used will generally be listed at the bottom of the homepage. If a player chooses, they can read up on the companies and ensure that each is operating within the law.

Deposits And Withdrawals

Deposits and withdrawals fall under the SSL umbrella. Monetary transactions should occur only when SSL is active and via trusted banking mechanisms.



Gambling sites are generally owned by a larger organisation. Checking the reputation of the owner is a good idea, especially in regard to that company’s reputation within the iGaming industry,

Regular Audits

In order to maintain a license, a safe online casino must undergo regular audits. If an audit is failed the operator will lose their license and will no longer be allowed to legally operate. Of course, the audits are performed by an independent third party.

Our Tips For Staying Safe

Now that it is understood how a trustworthy operator does business, here are a few casino tips for staying safe.

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