Ultimate Guide to Winning the Lottery

Many players in Canada doubt whether it’s actually possible to increase your chances of winning the lottery, and there is also a lot misinformation and ill-advised advice floating around the Internet. However, we are here to tell you that it is in fact possible to increase your chances of success, and we have laid it out below in an easy to follow fashion. At Casinos.ca we take pride in offering players in Canada the best tips, strategies and advice to increase the chances of success, as well as reliable and trustworthy online casino recommendations.


The Basics of Winning the Lottery

Even though there are many different types of lotteries, it must be noted that the house edge of most are between 60-70% depending on the exact type. While many guides will attempt to sugar coat the chances of winning the lottery, we are here to offer honest advice and strategies, and while the house edge is high, the laws of numbers dictate that someone will win – and it could be you. Even though the lottery is a low-intensity option to other online casino games, it is still considered gambling and players should always play responsibly.

Increasing the Chances of Success

Many players in Canada think that the only way to increase the chances of winning is buying more lottery tickets, but the fact remains that this does not increase the possibility of a single ticket winning, as the return is not increased. Return or Return to Player (RTP) refers to the amount paid to the player by the online casino in the form of winnings. Buying 2 lottery tickets does not increase the amount of money that could be won, as the lottery is a fixed amount, but buying 2 tickets does increase the amount spent on attempting to win.

Reliable Strategies and Tips

Picking the right lottery is an important strategy as they all offer varying returns. In order to be successful with playing the lottery, players have to adopt the strategies of the pros and this means considering the odds. The pros know that to increase the chances of success, players also need to minimise their losses. Lotteries with a fixed payout also have fixed odds, but with progressive jackpot lotteries which grow every time they are not won, the return growth and house edge decreases as the pot increases.

Methods to Avoid

There are many charlatans who claim to have all the secrets to winning the lottery and all you have to do to win is pay them a certain amount of money for their knowledge. While this might be a pretty smart business plan from their point of view, it’s complete nonsense. Don’t even pay for advice as reliable sources will always offer their advice for free. Secondly, don’t join lottery syndicates. Pooling your resources with other players may marginally increase your chances of success simply by picking more numbers, but you will also have to share any winnings! There are many stories of lottery syndicates gone wrong, so rather fly solo.

Best Lotteries in Canada

Players living in Canada should really count themselves lucky as the online casino laws pertaining to citizens are highly accepting to this pastime. As such, the options of lotteries available for players to choose from is wide and varied and here at Casinos.ca we have made it our mission to find and recommend only the best in the business. All the sites we recommend are licenced and reputable, with the widest range of online casino games, the best lotteries and the most lucrative bonuses.


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