Easy eSports Markets To Bet On In Canada

Electronic sports, otherwise known as eSports has grown exponentially in the last few years. Today, the industry is worth millions of dollars, with hundreds of leagues across the globe and dozens of international tournaments. It is not surprising then that online bookmakers are continually adding eSports options to their list of sports as punters look to bet on the outcome of a match or tournament. For anyone just starting out, it can be tricky finding out which eSports markets are the best to bet on and which to avoid. To help you out, we’ve taken a look at some of the easiest markets to bet on in Canada.


Understanding eSports Markets

One misconception that most bettors have is to think that electronic sports have a vastly different sports betting setup to traditional sports. If we look at the basic setup, you still have one team facing off against another or one individual taking on an opponent. This dynamic is no different to Baseball, Ice hockey, Football or any other major sport. As with regular sports betting, whenever you have one team versus another, you have a whole range of options to choose from.

Easy Match Markets

Match markets are perhaps the most popular. These include wagers that are placed on individual matches played in a season or tournament across the globe. The easiest is of course the money line or straight bet which simply involves predicting which team or individual will win the match in question? The odds reflect the likelihood of a team winning with stronger teams have lower odds and the underdogs having higher odds.

With sports betting in Canada, sometimes betting sites offer handicap wagering when two teams are so unevenly matched, handicapping is the only way to make wagering more attractive. In this case, the bookmaker will give the underdog a virtual point advantage which the favourites must overcome for the bet to win. As such, even if you team loses the actual match, the bet can still be declared a winner.

Easy Tournament eSports Markets

Tournament betting is popular with all sports including Baseball, Basketball and American Football. Outright bets fall into this category where you are predicting the team to win the overall tournament or season. Think about placing a wager on the team to win the Super Bowl, the World Series or the Stanley Cup. With eSports, major tournaments provide the ideal opportunity to place an outright wager on the team to win the entire tournament and be crowned champions. Whether this for Dota International, LOL World Champs or StarCraft league, you pick on team to win.

Another one of the easiest eSports betting markets in Canada is the group winner. In major tournaments, all teams are split into groups. Here you simply predict which team will have the top points in their group at the end of the round robin stage? Since there are multiple groups, you have more options to choose from. If there is a particularly strong team in a group with lesser experienced teams, it stands to reason, they will have lower odds on the “group winner” market.

Another easy wager which you might find under tournament markets is the “group of” winner. The name might sound confusing, but it is actually one of the simplest eSports markets. We mentioned above that tournaments split teams into groups for the qualifying stages where the winners of each group then compete in the playoffs. This simply requires you to pick which group the winner will emerge from. Usually there are only four or five groups which is why the odds are generally quite low.


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