Advantages vs. Disadvantages to Land-Based Casinos

To be fair, there will always be lobbyists for both sides of any argument and the land-based vs. online casino conundrum is no different. The thing is, if you’re new the world of casino games, it may get confusing when trying to decide which is better; or rather, which is preferable. We take a look at the advantages and the disadvantages of playing at a land-based casino.


The Issue Of Employment

It’s often necessary to consider something from a moral point of view. The moral argument in favour of land-based casinos in Canada is that they employ thousands of people. Blackjack dealers, slot game technicians, security services, catering services; it’s all there. Adversely, this is the very reason why online casinos have lower operating expenses. On the flip side, the more people earning an income, the bigger contribution made by the industry as a whole towards the overall economy.

The Full Package

It’s not often that a land-based casino is a stand-alone entity. More often than not, the casino will form part of a complete holiday resort or recreational complex. Players are able to enjoy luxury lodging and entertainment during their visit to the casino and can experience so much more than just playing at the tables or slot machines.

The Social Element

It’s true: socialising makes us tick. What better way to spend an evening out on the town with a bunch of friends? Casinos are socialising hot spots where friends can get together to enjoy an evening of fun and games, have a meal and create memories. Despite the most valiant efforts by online casinos to recreate the social element by means of chat rooms, live dealer casinos and the like, many people still tend to prefer the personal touch.


At the end of the day, the stark reality rings true: we play to win. Whilst land-based casinos often run exciting promotions and events, online casinos can afford bigger bonuses and those found at the best Canadian casinos are simply mind-blowing. Online casinos have fewer overheads to meet with sites being run and administered by very few staff. There are no expensive rents to pay for impressive buildings, no looming electricity bills for a gazillion neon lights. Because of this, they are able to spend the available revenue where it matters: on the patrons and this makes them incredibly attractive.

Location and Convenience

The upside to a night out on the town doubles as a down side when you just want to spend a relaxing evening at home. The convenience of merely having to turn on a computer or smart phone and being able to indulge in all of your favourite online casino games right where you are is one that cannot be ignored. Land-based casinos require travelling, and all that that entails. Plus, you may have to deal with adverse weather conditions in the snowy Canadian winter, and this can be a major downside.

The Waiting Game

Most of us know the feeling of heading down to the local casino in a flurry of excitement, only to be deflated the minute you walk through the door when you see someone who looks like they mean business occupying your favourite slot machine. The waiting game is a frustration not to be endured at an online casino, and there is always a slots game available or a spot at a table waiting for you. In the end it comes down to what kind of gaming experience you want, and although land based casinos certainly have plenty to offer, nothing beats the convenience of playing online.

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