Land-Based Pitbosses vs Online Pitbosses

Spend any time in a land-based casino, and you’re bound to encounter or at least see the Pitboss. They move quietly between tables, keeping an eye on everything that is happening on the casino floor. Just looking at a land casino Pitboss, with their sombre clothing and calm demeanour, is enough to let you know that they are people you can turn to with issues. But what do they deal with specifically, and are online casino Pitbosses the same? Read on to find out!


Land Casino Pitbosses

Pitbosses were introduced as gambling moved away from the cutthroat activity that it once was, and became more regulated and refined. A Pitboss land casino Canada worker looks after all employees in the Pit, which is what the area that contains the table fames is called. This includes dealers, floormen who look after different sections, and staff who are bringing in more chips to the pit or performing any other maintenance tasks. Land casino Pitbosses look after their staff, but they’re also responsible for the appearance and conduct of these personnel and are known to enforce the rules quite strictly.

Pitbosses watch the workers under their control like hawks, in order to maintain the reputation of the casino, and resolve any questions of fairness or mistakes in the games. They also schedule everyone’s breaks and need to make sure that they run smoothly and there are always enough staff on the floor and can authorise cash-outs and close game tables. Any kind of issue that involves the casino running smoothly will be of interest to the Pitboss, and in a land-based casino you can discuss things with the floorman first or simply go directly to the Pitboss. The other thing these individuals are responsible for is watching players to identify high rollers or potential fraudsters, to give them comps and VIP treatment or to tell the staff to watch them carefully for cheating behaviour.

Online Casino Pitbosses

The job of a Pitboss online is quite different to that of a land-based Pitboss, though if you need a casino online Pitboss, Canada is still one of the best countries to be in. You’ll get excellent service, but the responsibilities of the boss are different. To ensure that you always ask the right people and get the assistance that you need for every issue, you need to understand the differences and to know exactly what a virtual Pitboss online does.

Online Pitbosses are not visible in the way that their land-based counterparts are, but you can rest assured that they are there and ready for you if you need them. In a conventional online casino, because Random Number Generation is infallible, the bosses will hardly ever need to be called to review the game. However, in the instance of something like a faulty Internet connection, they can step in to rule on what is most fair for the player. In live dealer casinos, the role of the Pitboss is larger although still not as extensive as a land casino Pitboss.

Thanks to human error mistakes, though still very rare, are more common in live dealer settings. In these cases players can ask the dealer to contact the boss, who will join the chat to find a solution to the problem as quickly as possible. What online casino Pitbosses don’t do, that land bosses do, is identify possible scammers and high rolling players. Since they’re dealing with the problems of a much larger volume of players than bosses offline do, this is understandable. The online fraud department takes care of both of these tasks, and there are often dedicated casino hosts to look out for VIP players and contact them directly. The role of a Pitboss online may be more narrowly defined, but you will still be looked after in every way at the casinos that we recommend for you!

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