Land-Based vs. Online Casino VIP

High rollers are, for the most part, more typically associated with top-end land-based casinos. Extravagant trips taken by wealthy businessmen spring to mind, with these tycoons being showered with the kind of VIP Casino treatment the rest of us can only imagine, with free rooms, complimentary food, and comp tickets to shows being the order of the day. This, in fact, could not be further from the truth. Once you taste the casino online Canada VIP experience open to internet-based players, you will quickly realize that online casinos are also able to provide their players with plenty of free gifts, special extras, gifts, gadgets, monetary rewards and so much more. Thanks to the fact that high rollers are an important part to the success of any casino, whether online or land-based, they are given exceptional treatment at both.


Bonus Offers for High Rollers 

The best online casino Canada has to offer will ensure that high rollers or VIP players will be able to access bonuses according to how much money they deposit into their online accounts. These types of cash bonuses are not generally found at land based casinos, as rewards such as free drinks or nights in luxury hotel suits are more common. Monetary rewards at online casinos are the order of the day, for example, there could be a 50% deposit bonus up to C$200, which means that, if you deposit C$200 you will receive an additional C$100, making your playing total C$300. These bonuses are more popular than most, and increase in value as to the size of the deposit being made. For instance, a 100% bonus could be applied to high deposits of C$1 000 or more. The higher the limit on the starting bonus, generally, the better the casino will treat its high rollers.

Exclusive VIP Games

In order to acknowledge the value of their high rollers, a VIP Casino could also provide special access to games that are not provided for regular folk. These sometimes take the form of high stakes versions of Craps and Roulette games, and other times make a newly launched game available only to these top-end players. This practice is also more popular online, although at a land based casino there may be a few different gaming tables set aside for VIP’s, or a salon Prive that only welcomes high rollers.

Invitations to Exclusive Events 

An online casino VIP programme could also see the site buying tickets for top live concerts, theatre shows, and sports games in bulk in order to reward their high rollers and VIP members with these as a gesture of thanks for their support.

The Provision of a Personal Host 

The casino online Canada VIP experience will also generally include a personal contact for its high roller players, and this person will be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The host will be in charge of catering to any and all enquiries by the VIP players, and will be a sort of virtual butler to assist the high roller in their online play. As you can see, VIP Casino treatment online can definitely match the kind of services land-based casinos are able to provide. It may even be that the online VIP experiences far more benefits, when you consider that extra money to play the games you love beats out free drinks!

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