Golden Tiger

We enjoy talking about casinos, it’s what we do, but we also promote casinos and so quite often we walk a double edged sword, or a fine line if you will.  On one had we need to tell you about the online casino and hopefully spark your interest; on the other hand we also need to give valid, realistic and honest information. Sometimes it’s a tough negotiation because there are vested parties involved.

Luckily and more often than not, the online casino or mobile casino in question is good off the bat and our job is thus made easy. However, there are times when we need to sit back, give the matter a good think and then proceed to tell you about the casino in question. Golden Tiger Casino is one of those establishments which doesn’t bode well for an easy review. It’s not bad at all, in fact, it’s got some pretty admirable traits. It’s also an old casino and it shows, tremendously. With this in mind, let us tell you about the Golden Tiger, an online casino that’s been pumping since the year 2000 already.

Bonuses and Promotions

We can’t knock the Golden Tiger Casino on their welcome bonus, which sits at a whopping $1 500. Let’s tackle the good part of this offer first.  It’s a no-deposit bonus, and that’s something that simply doesn’t exist anymore. It’s the equivalent of finding fire before it was invented. The amount is also staggering; not only are they letting you get in an offer which has gone the way of the dodo, they’re also making the amount well worth your while. Now for the bad part. All online casino bonuses come with Ts & Cs and will have a catch or two and Golden Tiger is not without its own catch.

Firstly you’ve got 60 minutes in which to play the bonus. Secondly, you need to win at least $20 above $1 500 in order to cash out. Thirdly, you cannot cash out more than $100 and lastly, you need to deposit at $40 in order to claim your winnings. What does it all mean? It means that you can really only win $60.

Games and Software

Golden Tiger is powered by Microgaming, the original starters of the whole intent casino movement. Their software is always bankable and while the casino bonus that the Golden Tiger offers is not the best, it’s not the criteria by which the software company goes when deciding to let an operator use its games. Golden Tiger offers a staggering 510 online casino games in total and this covers online video slots, card and table games, progressive jackpot games and video poker.


Golden Tiger Casino is eCOGRA approved and this means that the casino is externally audited in terms of all its games and based on the outcome, deemed fair or not. Golden Tiger is in the clear and offers an average payout of 95.91%.


It’s time for the casino to take another knock from the team. And this is a question we’re forced to ask, which is how in this day and age can you want to run an online casino without having a mobile casino counterpart? This is either a testimony to the Golden Tiger’s staying power or the casino is very OK to rest on its laurels. What we will say is that a mobile casino is almost a necessity and quite simply because more people are gambling on their smartphones. We hope that the Golden Tiger will take heed of these words and start providing a mobile casino app or something along those lines to smartphone and tablet users.


Golden Tiger Casino accepts and does business with all the major players in the casino financial scene. There’s also a very helpful FAQ section that address most if not all your banking question as well as taking you through a detailed diagram setup of making deposits and with withdrawals.

Customer Service

We’re quite OK with the customer service but there is a flaw and once again, we’re not quite sure why this is. We cannot say if the Golden Tiger is resting on its laurels or prescribes to the old notion of ‘If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’ but it’s missing something and that’s live chat.  It’s got an email address and you can call in from all over the world but it’s missing an online casino communication staple – live chat.