Play’n GO Software

Play’n GO Software joins the ranks of other highly noted makers of online casino games such as Microgaming, Playtech and NextGen to name but three. Software is one of the pillars of the entire casino gaming industry. Without software, one of the most important components of the casino would be missing – games. Don’t get us wrong, each pillar is of vital importance and is required for an online casino to be fully functioning.


However, the one pillar that is in the open and is the one that attracts you, the player, to the establishment is the games. Banking and regulation for instance are two major pillars supporting the casino, but they’re definitely not what draws players or attracts your attention. No, that job is reserved for the games. Online casino games are made by software providers like Play’n GO and without them, there is no fun to be had.

More About Play’n GO

Play’n GO is based in various locations in and around Europe. The company currently has offices in Hungary, Sweden and Malta and focuses on various facets of gaming to provide high-end products that showcase talent and innovation. In fact, it is their innovative attributes that have attracted players. To be successful in the online and mobile casino industry these days you need to produce gaming content that abides with the conventions of casino games but also adds something new and fresh. Play’n GO has managed to make a number of games, especially video slot games, that showcase some really novel ideas and they’ve done this by combining fields of gaming that would not traditionally be combined.

Setting Play’n GO Apart

Play’n GO has set itself apart from its peers, rivals and competitors through genre mixing and gaming convention meshing. While not all their games will showcase these qualities, there are some that will and it’s these that have hoisted this software company into the limelight. Play’n GO’s most noticeable different games would be two video slot games they have released under the Quest banner.

Now it needs to be noted that we’re using just two games to illustrate our point and that the company offers loads and loads more games that are also on the level. We’ve chosen to focus on the Quest games because they stood out to us. These two online video slot games, available as mobile slot games as well, provide what we believe to be a unique gaming experience. Each one presents pristine images, epitomised by their themes. In the case of Tower Quest Online Slots, it’s a modern and ultra-sleek look at the sword and sorcery scene complete with all kinds of interesting characters.

In the case of Cloud Quest Online Slots it’s a sci-fi, sorcery and other worldly. Plus the reel system is different and you can build up the levels of various characters to have them fight each other in bonus games.

Play’n GO Casinos

We’ve got three piping hot online casinos that make use of Play’n GO software. We’ve reviewed them and in our opinion they’re good to go. You can find Play’n GO powered online and mobile casino games at: uses cookies to give the best experience possible. Please read our Cookie Policy for more details