The Most Popular Casino Games Online

When it comes to online casino games there really is something for everyone to enjoy, but there are some that always stand out as the favourites. Take a look at the games that players in Canada love, and find out why they remain such hot favourites.

Slots Are Tops

Slots are the most popular of all, both in Canada and beyond, and that’s due to their amazing themes, imaginative bonus rounds and enormous jackpots. The fact that new slots regularly are released by leading developers doesn’t hurt their popularity either, and whether it’s the classic 3 reel or more sophisticated 5 reel video slots that you prefer, or those featuring ways to Win or Progressive Jackpots, you’ll find them all at the sites that we suggest.

Table Games Take Second Place

Table games are also incredibly popular, and Roulette and Blackjack hold the honours as being two of the favourites. Roulette is the quintessential game of chance, and its iconic red and black wheel that holds the secret to big wins is instantly recognisable. Blackjack delivers action and entertainment galore, and it’s such a huge hit, as it requires a bit of skill and strategy in order to enjoy success.

Other popular casino games include Baccarat and Poker, with the former requiring no skill or strategy, and the latter being far more of a thinking game.

Instant Win Games for Everyone

For those who enjoy Instant Win entertainment, Keno, Bingo and Scratch Cards are tops. Instant Win titles are a great option for anyone looking for quick wins, or who simply love the thrill of games of chance.

We’ll tell you more about all of these options and other more niche entertainment too, so that you always know what’s topping the list!