Good Girl Bad Girl Progressive Slots

This game’s got great ambition and that’s no surprise. It’s made by Betsoft, a company that’s been on the up and up, had made a name for itself and has established new gaming conventions, but it still has something to prove. With Good Girl Bad Girl Online Slots the company has set out to prove that it’s got what it takes to deliver a casino game that breaks with conventions and offers lots more than your run-of-the-mill video slots game would.

And believe us when we say that with this video slot game, available as a mobile slots game too, Betsoft have gone all out. They’ve stuffed the game more than you could a thanksgiving turkey and then they’ve gone and latched on a progressive jackpot too! Naturally we want to tell you all about this game. Before we do though, we’d like to tell you where you can play it.

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Look & Feel

In Good Girl Bad Girl Online Slots the roads to heaven and hell are tackled in the form of two of its female representatives. A sultry looking angel represents what’s upstairs while a dark vixen is what you’ll find downstairs. Betsoft are at it again in the graphics department and have infused the game with their proprietary 3D animation techniques. You can expect a game that looks very good and thus if you are going to play on your mobile phone, make absolutely sure you’ve got a strong and solid connection. But this online video slot game is about so much more than just looking good. It’s also jam packed with win-enhancing features.

Bonus Games & Features

Good Girl Bad Girl is feature rich, loaded and ready to pay for your play! This game comes with a controller for your gaming experience, meaning that you can choose the level of play you’d like to experience. Choose the angel for more frequent hits but smaller wins or the bad girl of the underworld for less hit but potentially bigger rewards or choose the middle ground, which in this game seems to be best. This online video slot game for Canadian players comes with two Wild symbols and great multiplier rewards. Then there’s a Click me Bonus game which occurs when the halo and the pitchfork land side by side (the two Wilds). Get three Scatter symbols and you’ll go into the Money Wheel Bonus and if that’s not enough, then we should mention that there are two progressive jackpots!