Jackpot Deuces

If you thought that Progressive Jackpots could only be won on Slots then you’d be very mistaken; in fact, some of the biggest Progressive Jackpots to date have been won by players on a whole range of other Casino games. Take Jackpot Deuces, for example: this top Video Poker game from Microgaming features an incredible Progressive Jackpot that frequently pays out tens of thousands of dollars to lucky players. Jackpot Deuces Progressive Video Poker is a fantastic game for anyone who likes a bit of Poker but is hoping for bigger payouts than those in regular online Video Poker.

The game begins paying out on Three of a Kind and its rewards get increasingly bigger, the better you hand, right up to the Diamond Royal Flush – this is a consecutive run of 10, J, Q, K, A in the suit of Diamonds. Players must remember, however, that the Progressive Jackpot will only pay out if you’re betting the maximum amount. Otherwise you’ll certainly win a lot for a Diamond Flush, just not such a phenomenal amount! Another fun feature of Jackpot Deuces Progressive Video Poker is the inclusion of Wild cards.

This is where the game gets its name, as it is the Deuces in the pack that can be used to substitute for any card to help complete a hand. If a Deuce could potentially turn into a number of cards to complete a hand, it will always turn into the one that will ensure the highest possible hand. The inclusion of Wild Deuces in Jackpot Deuces makes it one of the best online Poker games, as players have more chances than ever to win the big rewards!

Why Choose a Progressive Game?

This is a very valid question and there a few things to consider when choosing to play a progressive game as opposed to a conventional casino game. As you know, progressive games exist to offer you that possibility of rewards that are exponentially higher. However, the possibility of winning something that dwarfs many other games in financial value comes with a price – a higher price. So the real question you need to address is how much money you’re prepared to spend, because a progressive game will extract more cash from your wallet.

At the same time, a progressive game’s jackpot is usually randomly triggered, so while not likely, but not impossible either, you might just start playing and win within a few minutes. You also need to ask yourself if you’re in it to win it. If not, rather choose a game that’s less taxing on your wallet. Having said that, if you’re prepared to settle for smaller wins, then by all means, do play the progressive game.

Alternative Progressive Games

Online slots as well as mobile slot games are the most commonly played progressive titles, but that’s not to say these are the only games making up for your progressive options. Like Jackpot Deuces which uses online video poker as its foundation, there are other alternative progressive games that rely on games outside of the slots range. Some of these exciting alternatives include titles like:

All of these excellent titles with high volume jackpot rewards are ready to be played right now at JackpotCity Casino, one of the oldest and most well-liked internet casinos around! With JackpotCity you can play progressive games on your desktop PC or go for gold on your smartphone – the choice is yours!


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