Treasure Nile Progressive Slot Review

Who hasn’t dreamt of becoming an instant millionaire? While casino play should always be about the fun and enjoyment of the games, if we have to be honest with ourselves, a huge part of the thrill is the anticipation of a life-changing win that could strike at any time. Naturally, any game holds this promise – but not every game carries the possibility of a million-dollar figure from just one bet. Except, of course, a great progressive slot like Treasure Nile.

Why Treasure Nile?

The allure of progressive jackpots like Treasure Nile lies largely in the fact that not one bet placed is ever wasted. Because each spin contributes to the overall jackpot, betting and continuing to play on these games only increases the potential payout total that you have a real possibility of winning. As a 5x3 reel slot with 9 paylines, what sets Treasure Nile apart is the set payline and bet amount. Some might feel that this makes it an exclusive progressive slot to play – seeing as each spin will cost 4.50 coins – but instead, it’s actually an advantage.

As mentioned earlier, bets placed on progressive slots help build up the jackpot total. When you’re betting at a set amount, as with Treasure Nile, this only means that the jackpot is built up faster – and to a much more appealing amount. It’s a win-win situation.

Treasure Nile Features

Any regular progressive game player would know that the games do tend to be quite straightforward in terms of features. And why shouldn’t they be? There is, after all, one set goal: winning the jackpot. Don’t get the wrong idea here. There is absolutely a time and place for games features like bonus and free spins rounds, and some of the video slots out there are truly magnificent in their details – but it’s not really now…or here.

What Treasure Nile does boast, instead, are Wild symbols – which makes absolute sense taking the objective into account – and two jackpots up for grabs. Landing the standard jackpot will score you a smooth 6,000 coin payout, but if you’re going for gold, then it’s the progressive jackpot that you’re after. With a win potential anywhere from half a million and up when you land five Tutankhamun Death Mask symbols on the 9th payline, there’s no knowing how much you’ll be able to land on any given day. And let’s face it, once you make that 4.50 bet and hit the big time, you’ll kick yourself for not taking a spin sooner. In line with Treasure Nile’s features, you can expect graphics and audio that are just as streamlined as the overall simplicity of the game.

That’s not to say the Egyptian-themed visuals aren’t captivating by any means – as they are exceptionally well crafted and include all the ancient symbols synonymous with that era, like sphinxes, hieroglyphs, snakes and pharaohs – but again, do not detract from the jackpot that could very well be yours. As the progressive slot is available to play on mobile or PC, you’ve got the added convenience of playing on your terms, wherever in the world you might find yourself. Time to turn that million dollar dream into a reality!