British Columbia

Extraordinarily diverse in both demographics and natural resources, British Columbia is a Canadian province that allows many gambling options, including online sports betting, land-based bookies, online casinos, horse racing, and provincially owned and operated lotteries.

While British Columbia is a province with a relatively small population – just over 4 million – it allows access to some of the best online sports betting in Canada. For the purposes of this article, we’ll discuss the various online sports betting and land-based bookies options that are available to British Columbians, and we’ll explore some of the differences between the two, as well as the various gaming laws that are in place.  

Sports Betting in British Columbia

As in other Canadian provinces, the government of British Columbia holds the monopoly when it comes to provincial sports betting and gaming, which is controlled by the Gaming Policy and Enforcement Branch of the Ministry of Finance. According to the Gaming Control Act of 2002, this branch of government regulates all betting, ensuring the integrity of the industry itself, as well as the suppliers – in other words, they are the guys who investigate any wrongdoings.

In the case of casinos and land-based bookies in Canada, British Columbia is rich in options. People can go to numerous betting venues where they can chill out and spend their money for fun. Some of the biggest and most popular casinos and land-based bookies in Canada can be found in British Columbia, including Fraser Downs Racetrack & Casino, Lake City Casino, Hastings Park Racecourse, Casino Cascades Kamloops, Casino of the Rockies, Hard Rock Casino, River Rock Casino, and Cascades Casino.

These venues generally offer a number of flat-screen TVs and comfy lounge areas so that you can hang out with friends and other like-minded people to place bets and watch the games in person. In short, land-based sports betting venues have a certain “atmosphere” that cannot be replicated on a computer or mobile device. Plus, there is a certain camaraderie that goes along with the competitiveness – you can cheer along with other people and discuss the game, for example. In short, it’s the social aspect of betting here that sets it apart from online sports betting.

Plus, you don’t have to contend with a weak Internet connection if that is an issue for you. Of course, you have to physically travel to any of the land-based bookies in Canada to place your bets, which can be a schlep.

Online Sports Betting in British Columbia

Thanks to incredible advancements in online and mobile technology, online sports betting has become incredibly popular amongst British Columbians. All you need is a strong Internet connection and you can place your bets from the comfort of your own home or while you’re on the go via your mobile device. In other words, it’s way more convenient than travelling to one of the land-based bookies to place your bets.

Popular online sportsbooks like 5Dimes and Bodog have led the way in offering online destinations that are renowned for their integrity. What’s more, they offer the kind of betting options that are not available at government-regulated land-based bookies: for example, they offer single-game betting and odds that are much easier to compare. The majority of online sports betting sites also offer an inclusive casino experience that includes poker rooms and racebooks, which cover major horse racing events at tracks around the globe. 

Online sports betting at a reputable sportsbook gives you the chance to find and compare the best lines, which means you can easily find the best prices within a few minutes – this is important if you’re attempting to get as much value as possible out of a wager. Another great reason to bet online is that you can find a massive variety of sports to bet on.

In short, whether it’s online sports betting or betting at land-based bookies, only you can decide which will suit you best. Either way, you’re set for a world of sports betting fun.

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