New Brunswick

Known for salmon angling on the famous Miramichi River, and for being home to some of the warmest saltwater beaches north of Virginia, the Canadian province of New Brunswick is a maritime paradise. With a rich history, a thriving art and literature scene and a number of national parks, this eastern region of Canada offers a healthy number of things to do and enjoy, both to visitors and locals alike.

Gambling has long been a pastime for many Canadian citizens, and New Brunswick boasts a land-based casino, paper-based lotteries and sportsbooks, to name just a few options. In this article, we will focus on the latter, and explore some differences between land-based bookies in Canada and online sportsbooks.

Sports Betting in New Brunswick

As is the case in plenty of states across Canada and the US, different regions have different laws around gambling and betting, and New Brunswick is no exception. All gaming and sports betting events are administrated by the region’s Gaming Control Act, which has been in effect since 2008, while the New Brunswick Lotteries and Gaming Corporation (NBLGC) oversees all provincial gaming and gambling activities. This corporation is a major shareholder in the Atlantic Lottery Corporation (ALC), which currently operates land-based bookies in Canada like Stadium-Bets, PRO-LINE, PRO-LINE Futures and PRO-LINE Fantasy.

As you can imagine, offline sportsbooks require bettors to travel to a physical destination and place their bets with a teller. Usually, there will be a number of television screens streaming the sports game or horserace in question, allowing bettors to keep tabs on what’s happening and change their bets if need be. There is very often a sense of camaraderie amongst bettors, many of whom may play against one another for an added sense of competition. In spite of the convenience of online sportsbooks, it is the social aspect of their land-based counterparts which give them their longevity – not to mention the very often overlooked fact that not everyone has quick and reliable Internet access.

Online Sports Betting in New Brunswick

As is the trend with most forms of gambling – not to mention shopping, restaurant reservations and the like – online sports betting has grown in popularity worldwide. No need to commute to land-based bookies when you can wager on your favourite sport from your own PC or mobile device. Not to mention the fact that plenty of online sports betting options allow you to place wagers as the games are in progress, and even stream the matches onto your chosen device so as to keep tabs on what’s happening. While there are plenty of international online sports betting options in Canada, New Brunswick does have its very own offering: ALC’s

This site is basically the online version of the land-based bookies available in the region. How do they compare, then? Simply by virtue of one being available online and the others, not. Online sports betting offers convenience, especially to those who live far away from land-based bookies, as well as more markets and access to a greater range of games. Players can access other forms of gaming here, like lotteries and bingo games, too. Where land-based bookies do tend to shine, is in their strong social aspects. Needless to say, both online sports betting and land-based bookies are incredibly popular in New Brunswick.

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