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The only province in Canada without natural borders, Saskatchewan, receives more sunshine throughout the year than any other province, which might explain why it has such powerful agricultural and forestry industries. While it mightn’t offer much along the lines of tourism than other states across the country, Saskatchewan is still home to more than one million residents.

Hockey, football and lacrosse are popular sports in the region, which begs the question: what options do residents have available to them when it comes to online sports betting and land-based bookies? It’s a well-known fact that legalities pertaining to gaming and gambling differ from region to region, so in this article we will pay attention to these important details.

Sports Betting in

All sports betting and gambling activities across Saskatchewan are overseen by the Alcohol and Gaming Regulation Act, which came into effect in 1997. This Act is responsible for most of the gaming activities in the province, with the authority owning and managing all VLTs and slot machines, while the Saskatchewan Indian Gaming Authority oversees all land-based casinos in the province.

All lottery and land-based bookies games are operated by Saskatchewan Lotteries, with sports betting names like PRO-LINE, Point-Spread, Pro-Picks Props and Pro-Picks Pools. While there is certainly a strong social aspect and sense of community when it comes to placing bets at land-based  bookies in Canada, many people are put off by the fact that they have to travel (sometimes long distances) to get there, as well as the fact that the odds on offer may not always be the greatest. For this reason, many residents prefer to bet at offshore online sports betting sites, or simply make their way to land-based casinos in the province.

The most popular destination is Casino Regina, which boasts more than 800 slot machines, 8 poker rooms and 35 table games. Other names include Living Sky Casino, Casino Moose Jaw and Marquis Downs, which is a horse racing venue. Still, you will often find that those who love sports betting may have no interest in casino games, and those who enjoy playing at casinos don’t care for sports betting.

Online Sports Betting in Saskatchewan

As is the case with so many online sports betting and casino destinations across Canada as well as the US, one is not allowed to run an actual site within the borders of Saskatchewan, but is perfectly free to sign up and bet at an offshore online sports betting site. A lot of the time, new members are eligible for special offers or free bets, and will have access to far more markets with more competitive odds than the land-based bookies in Canada. As the online world becomes more accessible – and convenient – it’s no wonder more and more people are choosing online casinos and online sports betting destinations over their land-based counterparts. What’s more, these sites are usually accessible on mobile, too, so one can place wagers and win no matter where they are – as long as there is a suitable Internet connection available.

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