An Introduction to Online Sports Betting

While slots and casino games are by far the most popular form of gambling in Canada, online sports betting is rapidly becoming a rival gambling activity. For anyone who enjoys the skill of Blackjack or the concentration required for table games, putting money down on a game, race or tournament may be another great way to win big on the web.

Online Sports Betting Explained

At it’s most basic, sports betting online is all about predicting the outcome of a race, match or other similar event. This can be as simple as predicting who will win the Stanley Cup, to predicting the first 3 runners at Grand National horse race. Unlike casino gaming, wagering this way is greatly influenced by how much information you have, and the skills you have acquired.

The more you know, the more research you have done, and the more skilled you are, the greater your chances of placing a winning bet. As such, this type of wagering is seen as more of a skill than a luck-based endeavour. To get started, the first step is to sign up with a reputable bookmaker. The best online sports betting in Canada is provided by licenced bookmakers with multiple options on offer.

Signing up with a Bookmaker

When signing up, it is important to find a site that is fully licenced, is user friendly, offers a mobile platform, has a good selection of events and markets, and offers welcome bonuses for new players.  Once you have found the ideal site and transferred funds into your account, the next step is to find a game or race you know well. There is no point in putting money down on something you have no interest in, or know nothing about. The golden rule with online sports betting is to bet on something you are passionate about.

This will drive you to do more research, know the teams well, find out more about the coaches, their history and how the team is performing at the moment. There are plenty of events you can place wagers on, including Ice Hockey, American Football, Soccer, Tennis Rugby, Cricket, Baseball, Basketball, Swimming, Athletics, Formula 1, and so much more.

Choosing an Event and a Market

With online sports betting you should choose something you know the most about, and are willing to do research on. This includes horse racing, and entertainment and financial options. Once you know what you want to wager on the next step is to choose a market. Each event will offer a host of markets which can be seen as different types of bets. The most popular is the straight up bet, which simply means predicting the winner. Other markets can include future bets, prop bets and live bets.

Next to choosing the right option to wager on, the most important factor to consider are the odds. This basically determines how much you will get paid out for the bet, and how likely it is to win. Lower odds mean the bet has a high chance of winning, and subsequently has a lower payout. Higher ones pay out more, but have a slim chance of winning. Bookmakers will often set the odds according to their research.

Finding the Best Odds

The key to sports betting online is to find odds that do not fit the profile of the bet. These are known as value bets. For example, if there is a horse race and a runner is priced at 8:1, the bookmakers think the horse has a slim chance of winning. If your research says the horse should be priced lower, you stand to make a decent profit if the horse does win. Different bookmakers also offer different odds. Sometimes it pays to look around and find the best prices for the event you have in mind.

Now you know a bit more, you can start enjoying all the action and experience what the best online sports betting in Canada has to offer!