Live Betting

One of the benefits of sports betting online is being able to place bets on multiple events at the same time. With the arrival of mobile sports betting, anyone with a smartphone, tablet or mobile device can log on and instantly place bets on an upcoming game, match or horse race. In Canada, pre-match betting is the most popular form of sports betting. However, more and more punters are finding that live betting offers the opportunity to get better odds and make more money at the end of the day.


What is Live Betting?

For those who are new to the world of Online Sports Betting Canada, live betting, also known as in-play betting, is where the betting only opens once the event starts. With pre-match betting, all the bets have to be in by the time of kick-off. With live betting, the odds are only released once the game starts. It may seem strange to only place a bet on a team when they have already started playing, but it does offer some unique opportunities to pull in bigger wins. In Canada, all top-rated sports betting sites offer live betting on all major games and sporting events. Live betting is usually offered on sports where the advantage can shift from team to team. This includes sports like cricket, rugby, tennis, ice hockey, American football, baseball, basketball and so on.

How Live Betting Can Shift Odds?

In live betting the odds are updated every 10 minutes, or whenever there is major shift in the game. With pre-match fixed odds betting, the odds set at the start of the match can be low and fairly unprofitable. For example, if Federer were taking on Nadal in the Wimbledon finals, the best mobile sports betting sites might have Federer at odds of 1.90 and Nadal at 2.10. With these pre-match betting odds, there is very little money to be made by backing either player.

Backing Nadal would pay out slightly more, but the risk would not be worth the reward. If the same betting site were to offer live betting, there would be a chance to get far better odds and make some decent money. If we take our hypothetical tennis game and wait for the live betting to open, the odds will start to shift after the first game. If Nadal was to win the first game, then the odds would shift slightly, if Nadal then went on to win the first set, the odds might actually shift to 1.90 for Nadal and 2.50 for Federer. If Nadal were to continue his momentum and win the second set, Federer’s odds would increase significantly to around 4.5 or even 5.0.

Betting at the Right Time

If in our hypothetical tennis match, Federer is 2 sets down and 3 games adrift, most sports betting CA sites would post live odds around 12.00 or even 14.00 for Federer to win. An astute punter might recognise a slight change in Federer’s attitude and predict a comeback. If we were to place a live bet at odds of 14.00 and Federer does come back to win the third set, his odds would immediately drop. If he won the fourth set, his odds would drop even further. Boosted by his momentum, Federer might go on to win the fifth set and the match. In this case, we would be paid out odds of 14.00 on our live bet where with pre-match betting; the best odds on Federer were 1.90. To put this into perspective, on a $50 bet the payout for 14.00 is $700 while the payout on 1.90 is $95. 

As you can see, live betting offered at online sports betting Canada sites can be extremely lucrative if you have a good idea of how a game can shift and how players or teams can come back in the second half.

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