MLB vs. NHL Sports Betting Markets

Ice Hockey and Baseball are two of the biggest sports in the online sports betting industry. Between the NHL and the MLB, thousands of wagers get placed each day on individual games and league results. But which sport has the best markets for prospective bettors? Let’s take a look at how the MLB stacks up against the NHL and find out.


Money Line Bets

Major League Baseball is the largest and most prestigious league in the world. While top bookmakers offer wagering in games held internationally, the MLB is responsible for the bulk of the bets. The most popular MLB sports betting markets are the money line. This simply involves predicting the winner of a particular game in the season.

Similarly, the National Hockey League is the largest and most watched Ice Hockey league in existence. Again, money lines are the most popular and can be placed on any game during the preseason and regular season.


With MLB, handicapping is quite popular whenever two teams are unevenly matched. In Baseball, this is called a run-line handicap. This is where on team is given a certain number of virtual runs to even out the odds.

With NHL sports betting markets, handicap wagering is also popular and is called a puck-line handicap. It works in exactly the same way, with one team given a virtual point advantage at the start of the match.


With both sports, there are plenty of outright markets that can placed weeks or months ahead of time. In Baseball, the most popular outright option is the World Series Winner. This is where you predict the team that will win the League at the end of the season.

With Ice Hockey the most popular NHL outright is the Stanley Cup winner. It is essentially the same thing, predicting the team to win the League outright.

As most bettors know, online sports betting in Canada offers more than just the outright winner. With Baseball and the MLB, it is also possible to put money on the American League winner and the National League winner.

The NHL offers a few more options with markets on the Eastern Conference winner, the Western Conference winner as well as the winner of each division including the Atlantic, Metropolitan, Central and Pacific Winner.

Game Specific

With online sports betting, money should always be put on the sport you know the most about. While the NHL might offer a higher number of options, if you know more about Baseball, it is best to stick with MLB sports betting markets. With each sport, there are a number of game-specific wagers that can be placed on certain statistics in a match.

In both options a popular choice is the over/under total number of runs bet. In this case, the bookmaker will post the total number of runs score by both teams in the match. You simply have to predict whether the total is greater or smaller than the amount posted. Others include First Player to Score a Home Run, Total number or Home Runs and Exact Score

Ice Hockey and NHL sports betting markets also include over/under wagers on the total number of goals scored. There are plenty of others to look out for too, including method of winning which is where you predict whether the match will end in 60 minutes, in overtime or in a goal shootout. Other great options include the team to score the first goal, the score in each period and the final winning margin.

Whichever sport you choose, the top rated bookmakers will offer competitive odds and the chance to place wagers that could result in big wins.

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