Online Sports Betting Guide

In Canada, betting on sports is as much part of the culture as attending the games or watching them at home. For anyone interested in online sports betting, the good news is that it is far easier than you think. All you need is a computer or mobile device and a decent guide to take you through the process.


How Sports Betting Works

First of all, let’s define sports betting. Online or mobile sports betting is the practise of betting on the outcome of a sports game, match or tournament. If you want to get started betting online, the first step is to sign up with a reputable Canadian betting site. Before signing up, make sure the site is fully licenced, offers a great selection of markets, is user friendly and gives you great bonuses for signing up.

Choosing a Market

Once you have signed up and made a deposit into your account, you can get started betting straight away. The golden rule in online sports betting is to bet on knowledge. This simply means that you should only be betting on the sports you know the most about. The best mobile sports betting brands offer hundreds of markets with all the most popular sports listed. This includes sports like ice hockey, soccer, American football, Canadian football, tennis, cricket, rugby, baseball, basketball, motor racing, horse racing and many more.

Sports betting also encompasses things like eSports Canadian betting, election betting, financial betting and entertainment betting. If you have good knowledge of a few sports, you can start looking for markets and events. Betting sites offer loads of different markets for each sport with both local and international games and tournaments available.

The Different Types of Online Bets

The most important aspect of online sports betting is deciding what type of bet you want to place. The best way to get started is to place a fixed odd win/lose bet. Fixed odds betting is where the odds are set at the time of placing the bet. Even if the odds change at a later date, you will be paid out the odds agreed on at the time. Pre-event fixed odds bets differ from live or in play sports betting where the odds shift while the game is taking place. With larger events and tournaments, it is also possible to place future bets weeks or even months in advance. This could be a wager on something like the winner of Wimbledon, the F1 season Champion, the NHL League Champs or who will win the Grey Cup. Other betting types include pari-mutuel betting, spread betting, over/under betting, point betting and handicap betting.

Finding the Best Odds

The next step is to look for competitive odds on the bet itself. The best sports betting brands offer pretty good odds, but it is also good to look around. Gaining even a little bit in the odds could make a big difference one the bet is paid out. Before placing any significant wager, make sure you are familiar with the sport, the teams and the players. With sports like ice hockey, football or rugby, there are a number of factors that can influence the outcome of the game. This includes things like team injuries, changes to coaching staff, jet lag, home ground advantage and previous matchup results. The sports betting Canada has to offer ensures there is something for everyone, and if you start off with a simple wager and work towards the more exotic options, you’ll gain valuable practice and insight along the way.

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