The World of Sports Betting in Canada

The online gaming industry is one that is very diverse, and consists of a huge medley of casino games, promotions, payment methods and, of course, sports betting options. Fans of casino games have so many choices, so whether they’re in the mood for table games, slots, Live Casino games, or even bingo games, they’ll be able to find it at any online casino worth its salt. When one thinks about sports betting, however, there is the general perception that the genre is a lot more black and white than its casino counterpart. I mean, you simply have to place your bet on an event of your choice, and select whether one of the teams will win, right? Well, hate to break it to you, but that’s where you’ve got things completely wrong – and many avid sports punters will probably roll their eyes at anyone who has this perception of sports betting to begin with.

You have to understand, many bettors are not only fans of sports betting because of the sport or event in question, but because of the freedom they have when deciding on a particular market to place their bets on. Reputable sportsbooks offer a collection of markets that is so diverse, it gives players the freedom to build up a vast range of selections and place bets on wherever their preference (or luck) may lie. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular sports betting markets available, and discuss the range of options you can look forward to when paying a virtual visit to your local online sportsbook. 

Different Types of Sports Betting Markets in Canada

To prove that we were not kidding about the amount of markets available to bet on, here’s a list of markets (some of which you may not have heard of), available for you to bet on:

  • Over/Under: Popular all around the world, an over/under bet consists of predicting whether the final score of a particular event will be over or under a specific number. Generally, punters are allowed to make up to ten selection for these bets, with the maximum bet amount allowed being C$100.
  • Pools: In pool bets, players predict the winners of upcoming games in a particular sport, accumulating points along the way, and competing against players from all around the world. The top three places on the leaderboard generally share in a prize pool.
  • Point Spread: This market consists of twelve selections. Players are capped at a max bet amount of C$100, and with each correct prediction in the selection, the payout potential increases.
  • Props: In this bet, bettors are required to select two players and predict which of them will have better stats. A max of two players from six games is allowed.
  • Stadium Bets: This is known as a parley bet, which consists of up to eight selections of different styles, including point totals, point spreads and money lines.
  • Double Play: A combination of over/under and proline bets, on the same bet slip.
  • Combo Play: Exactly the same as Double Play, but also includes a Point Spread.
  • Proline: One of the most common markets available. Players are required to make a parley which consists of eight games. For a parley bet to be successful, all forecasts must be correct.
  • Proline Futures: Here, players are required to predict the winner of a particular sports league or tournament before it commences.
  • Proline Fantasy: Known as a parlay bet in which players are allowed to combine a maximum of five proposition wagers for players or teams.
  • Proline Stadium Picks: Bettors are required to predict the correct winners and will earn points, moving up various positions on the leaderboard. The top places on the leaderboard will share in a prize pool.
  • Match Winner 2-Way: Players are required to guess which team will win.
  • Total: Similar to an over/under bet, punters are required to forecast whether the final score will be over or under a particular number.
  • Match Winner with Spread: Players are required to correctly guess the winner of a game by taking what is known as a “point spread” into account. Players can still lose the bet if the point spread is missed – even if their chosen team wins.
  • Predictions: Another market that involves a prize pool and a leaderboard. Bettors are required to make successful selections, earning points for each correct selection and moving up various places on the leaderboard. Once the competition concludes, your final place on the leaderboard determines whether you’ll get to share in the prize pool.
  • Opposing Players: Punters are required to choose two players whose performance will then be compared head-to-head. The main goal here is to predict the player that will perform better.

Final Thoughts

If you consider yourself a casino game enthusiast looking to make the change to sports betting, or if you’re looking for easy to understand sports betting markets, then we’re confident that this article provided you with all that there is to know about sports betting in Canada. Now, all that you need to do is put your newfound knowledge to the test. Good luck!