Online Special Markets

When you are wagering online, special markets can be really lucrative. You may also have seen them referred to as “niche” or “novelty” markets, and they are essentially any stakes that do not involve sports betting. These can be really interesting to put money on, as well as really lucrative.


Catering to Your Interests

Online special markets are great precisely because they are so specific. You get to research areas that you actually want to know about, and to use your knowledge to make predictions about what will happen.

After all, if you have theories on the name or date of birth of the next British royal baby anyway, why not try to cash in on your insights? Since you can literally wager on almost anything, following the same basic format as in sports betting, you will find all kinds of niche markets to explore.

Special Markets in Canada

Just like with sports betting, special markets vary depending on the bookmaker you are using. Since they are more novel and particular, there are usually not as many online special markets as sporting events on a site. You might have to spend some time looking around for what you want, but this time is definitely worth investing.

You’ll get to combine your understanding of a certain subject (from the Kardashians to the latest global warming predictions) with your wagering experience. Over time, this can help you to make really shrewd decisions. Since the pools are smaller and the odds are longer, you usually walk away with larger payouts than you would with more traditional sports betting.

Reality television is very popular among Canucks, and if you have a sense of who will be eliminated next on Top Chef, the Amazing Race or Big Brother, you can place stake on it. If you’re a romantic and think you can see who the happy couple will be at the end of The Bachelor or The Bachelorette, take your chances and make a prediction.

Politics also provides several special markets in Canada – not just for what is happening in our country, but also around the world. You can put money on which you think will win an upcoming election, both overall and in specific regions. Voter turnout, and who will be assigned to specific posts, is also often on the table.

Watching and predicting politics can be a great way to stay up to date with important events, and the same could be said for weather patterns. Climate change has led to some depressing wagering options, such as when polar bears will become extinct, but it is important to know what is going on. There are also milder options, such as a region’s total rainfall for a day.

As well as all of this, you might also find niche sports options in the form of certain Proposition Bets. A good example of this is predicting the colour of the Gatorade that the winning team’s coach will be doused with (as is tradition) at the Super Bowl. This has nothing to do with the action on the field, but it is an instantly recognisable tradition for the day.

Expanding Your Betting Options

Sports betting, special markets and online casino games are all enjoyable and rewarding. We’ve listed the best sites for all of them, ensuring you are treated safely and fairly while being thoroughly entertained. Browse through our recommendations to find the site with the combination of online special markets, other wagers and casino entertainment that works best for you, then sign up an start winning.

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