Top 10 Sports Betting Options for Canadians

Every country has its own preferences when it comes to online sports betting, and Canada has some interesting option for punters to explore. In keeping with the world trends in certain areas, and keeping it Canuck in others, the most popular sports in Canada are all available in terms of markets when it comes to the best bookmakers for bettors from this part of the world.

1. NHL

Fast paced and loads of fun; the NHL offers plenty of sports betting opportunities. The Moneyline bet is a top option for Ice Hockey fans, and refers to your predicting which team will win the match. In terms of handicapping, Moneyline wagers will have odds attached to both the Underdog and the Favourite in order to create active, balanced markets for both sides of the bet.

2. NBA

Skill discrepancies between top Basketball teams and the rest of the squads make Point Spread wagers very popular, and this is why the NBA is on of the most popular sports in Canada. The Point Spread, set by the bookmaker, makes wagering on either the Favourite or the Underdog equally attractive: the Favourite must win by the listed margin, and the Underdog has a buffer to lose by that margin, or even win outright.

3. MLB

A smash hit with Canadians, Baseball always pulls in the crowds- and the bets! The MLB Run Line wager is one of the most popular Baseball wagers: you will need to pick the winner, but they will need to win by a pre-set amount of runs, or lose by less than the predetermined amount of runs.

4. NFL

Even though the National Football League is an American franchise, Canadians love putting money down on the games! As one of the best sports in online casinos, to put money on, you can be sure you’ll find the Point Spread, a top Canuck pick, available at the bookmakers we recommend.

5. The CFL

A local favourite and one that offers plenty of wagering action; the Canadian Football League always delivers the goods. The most common sports betting options for the CFL are Point Spreads and Totals. A Total wager has you predicting what the combined score of each team will be when the game finishes.

6. Lacrosse

A much-played game locally, Lacrosse is also great for wagering on. Point Spread bets once more make an appearance in Lacrosse wagers, which enjoys uncommon popularity in Canada, far more so than the rest of the world.

7. Rugby

Future bets are the top pick when it comes to Rugby games, and are wagers in which the outcome will not be decided until far ahead in the… Future! Examples of these bets include which team will win the Rugby World Cup right at the start of the games.

8. Golf

Surprisingly one of the more popular sports in Canada, there are different types of lines available for Professional Golf games, including odds on each of the PGA tournaments. You could, for example, bet on a golfer to win, and, for some of the better-known players, you could take The Field to Win, which is essentially a No bet against a particular golfer.

9. Soccer, or Football

This game, whatever you call it, is popular not just locally, but all over the world. Every bookmaker will provide 1X2 Betting, which is a 3-Way Market, and allows you to place Home, Away, and Draw wagers, each with its own unique odds.

10. Curling

Moneyline bets are very popular when it comes to Curling, one of the best sports in online casinos for Canuck punters, and, since these matches have tiebreakers in order to determine the winner, a Draw is usually not provided as a bet option. 

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