VIP Withdrawals: Online VS Land-based Casinos

When it comes to choosing casinos, high rolling Canadian players often consider the perks and rewards offered to VIPs. While many tend to focus on the rewards that can be received in various ways, it is also worth considering VIP casino banking withdrawals.

It is important to understand the finer points of casino withdrawals. This is especially the case if you play at a land-based casino and at an online VIP casino.

VIP Casino Withdrawals Online

Withdrawal benefits are usually among the perks used by Canadian online casinos to promote their VIP programs. The reason online casino VIP withdrawals are so desirable becomes clear when you consider standard player withdrawals.

Standard players are usually subject to withdrawal limits, playthrough requirements, and lengthy waiting periods. This means that players can usually withdraw only a percentage of their winnings only after they have spent a specific amount of money playing at the casino. It can take anywhere between 3 and 10 business days to process withdrawals.

Another factor is that, at online casinos, the number of withdrawal methods is usually smaller than the number of deposit methods accepted. At some casinos, your only option is to withdraw into your bank account.

Much of this changes for VIP casino players. The majority of casino online Canada VIP programs offer players much higher withdrawal limits, which means they can withdraw a greater percentage of their winnings.

The waiting period for withdrawals to be processed also decreases considerably. At some of the best online casinos, VIP players may wait a maximum of only 3 days to receive their withdrawals.

Any charges applied to standard player withdrawals may be waived, and VIP players usually have access to the services of casino and account managers who can escalate withdrawal requests.

Land-Based Casino Withdrawals

Withdrawal procedures can vary a great deal from land-based VIP casino to land-based casino. Many land-based casinos accept banknotes and coins, credit cards, and offer online cash-in and cash-out services.

In the case of standard players, the amounts won are usually small enough to receive in cash as soon as they visit the cashier. If a player has won a multi-million-dollar jackpot, or a VIP player has had exceptionally good luck at the tables, the withdrawal procedure can vary.

If you take cash to the casino, you may need to submit your banking details, so your winnings can be deposited into your account securely. If you use a credit card or an online cashier, you can withdraw your winnings via the same means, although you would have to wait a few days for the transfer.

VIP casino players, on the other hand, are often able to cash out much bigger winnings. If the casino has limits on those, VIPs would not need to face the same waiting period as standard players, nor would they be liable to pay any fees incurred by the transfer.

While there are differences between land-based and the best online casino Canada VIP withdrawals, online casinos are constantly trying to improve the experience for their VIP players. Many do so by bringing the process more in line with what happens in land-based casinos, and by offering rewards and perks not offered by land-based casinos.